The Joy of Starting Over

Sometimes you have those moments in your life where you realize that you are not the person that you want to be.  In those moments, you have two options.  You either remain on the path to nowhere, focusing on your mistakes and everything you’ve done wrong, or you make a decision.  You find the courage in your heart to start a new path.  You make a decision to change.  And once you make that decision, you can’t go back.  You can’t revert to the old.  You have become totally new.  Your old self disappears and you start over.  Not only do you decide to move forward, but in that moment the Atonement of Jesus Christ takes full force and literally cleanses your past.  He takes away all of your baggage and makes you clean.  He heals you.  He carries you.  He lifts you.  And He helps you become who you need to become.

And so now you have the moment come in your life where you realize that you are not your past.  You are not your weaknesses.  You are not your mistakes.  Through the infinite mercy and love of Jesus Christ, you are whole and filled–filled with light, hope, love, charity, and joy.  And armed with each of those things, you move forward to become the person that Heavenly Father has created you to become.