Who Are You Passing By?

Here are some conversations Sister Newson and I have had with people on the street lately:

Sister Newson, holding out a card: Hello!  Would you like some Christmas cheer?

Man walking by: NO.

Sister Newson: Are you sure?

Man: Yes.

*keeps walking*

Me: Hello!  We would love to share this short video with you about Jesus Christ and the peace we can find from Him this Christmas season!  Would you say that He has played a role in your life?

Man: Nope.  Not whatsoever.  And I’m not interested.

Sister Newson: Hello!  How are you doing?

Man in his yard: Fine, thank you.  What are you two doing out today, going for a walk?

Sister Newson: We are!  And we are spreading the Christmas spirit about Jesus Christ!  We have this card that will lead you to a great little video about how He is the true gift of Christm–

Man: *walking away* I don’t have time, sorry.

Haha!  And there are more where those came from!  Seems like Rochester needs a little bit more of the magic of Christmas, wouldn’t you say?

As I’ve had many experiences like this lately, my heart has been hit with a kind of sadness I can’t really explain.  Not because people are rejecting me, but because ultimately they are rejecting Christ.

As missionaries for His church, we are literally called by a prophet of God to represent the Savior Himself.  And I just think, how would these people’s responses be different if Jesus Christ was literally right there asking them the same questions?

What would your response be?  Are you passing by Him without a second thought?  Are you too busy for Him?  Are you simply not interested in Him?  If He were here on the street, would you care to stop and hear His message?

I can’t imagine how the Savior feels, having literally suffered the pains, sorrows, sins, and afflictions of all humankind (2 Nephi 9:21, Alma 7:11-12) and having so many people simply not even care.

And the amazing thing?  Despite how many people reject Him, deny Him, ignore Him, mock Him, disregard Him, or think He simply doesn’t matter, His arm of mercy is still extended to ALL of them.  (Alma 5:33).  Every single one of them.  No matter what they have done, He still reaches out to every individual soul on this earth and offers them His healing hand if they will but repent and turn unto Him. (3 Nephi 9:14)

Isn’t that the most beautiful thing you have ever heard?!  I know it is for me!  I have felt His healing hand in my life and I know that His love is the BEST GIFT I have ever received.  It’s for that reason that we keep spreading His name.

So for those of you who already know and love Jesus Christ all the way to those who don’t care one bit about Him: Learn of Him.  Put in the time for Him.  I promise you, He is there.

This Christmas season, don’t pass Him by!


I KNOW. Do you?

Christmastime.  Bells, snow, gifts, singing, lights, warmth, remembrance.

What does it mean to you?  What does Christ mean to you?  Though the day is now over, may you continue to think about that, for it is among the most important things you will ever think about.

So, during this wonderful season, how could I not share how much the Father’s gift of His glorious Son means to me?

I know with all of my heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He came into the world to save His people.  I know that He was born in the most humble and unpleasant circumstances and lived the most grievous and difficult life of any being who has ever or will ever walk the earth and He did it out of love.  I know that He descended below all things because of me, and because of you, and because of everyone whose face we will ever behold.  I know that because He did these things, I can live for eternity with a fullness of love and joy.  Because He was born in Bethlehem and did what He came here on earth to do, I can overcome all things through faith in His name.  Because He lives, I can be healed and made whole from all hurt and sin.  Because He is the perfected Christ, I have the glorious hope to one day become perfected even as He is.  That is the hope that He wants for all of us!  That is the glorious plan of salvation!  That is the purpose of why we are here!

And all of this is possible because of that babe in a manger over 2,000 years ago.

He lives, He is there, and He loves us.  I invite you in the words of His living prophet on the earth today, “May we all make the journey to Bethlehem in spirit, taking with us a tender, caring heart as our gift to the Savior.” (Thomas S. Monson, The Real Joy of Christmas)