His Grace Is Sufficient

“Nevertheless, the Lord God showeth us our weakness that we may know that it is by his grace, and his great condescensions unto the children of men, that we have power to do these things.” (Jacob 4:7)

If there is one thing I have learned over and over again on my mission it is that I am so weak.  Despite my attempts to be perfectly Christlike, I still struggle.  I get frustrated.  I make mistakes.  I doubt.  I come up short.  No matter how hard I try on my own, my weaknesses still seem to find their way right to the spotlight.

Discouraging?  It could be.  But it’s not.  Here’s why.

One Sunday years ago when I was in church, I remember someone teaching me this principle from Elder Hafen: “As we draw close to God, He will show us our weaknesses and through them make us wiser, stronger.  If you’re seeing more of your weaknesses, that just might mean you’re moving nearer to God, not farther away.”

Seeing weaknesses is not a bad thing.  In fact, as we turn to Christ, seeing weaknesses is a good thing because it helps us recognize that it is only through His infinite grace that we can become strong.  It means we recognize that we need to change and it is in that moment that we can turn to Him to help us do so.

I know that I am not perfect.  But because He is perfect, I don’t have to be.  Because He is perfect, I can give my very best effort and He will transform it into enough.  His mercy and Atonement is sufficient for all of my weaknesses.  Put simply, “The grace of Christ is sufficient—sufficient to cover our debt, sufficient to transform us, and sufficient to help us for as long as that transformation process takes.” (Brad Wilcox, His Grace is Sufficient)

Does that mean we don’t try? No.  Does that mean we focus on our weaknesses and let them overwhelm us?  No.

To me, it means I believe in Christ, I trust in Him, and I follow Him.  It means that I am humble and have faith that through Him my weaknesses will be made strong. (Ether 12:27)

So if you ever start to feel down or like you will never be good enough, don’t give up my darling.  You are not doing it on your own ♥

“More than anything, do not think you cannot do this. Do not let giving up be an option. Focus on Him, knowing that you will be blessed with the best ever created. What you know and what you have is enough for His help and guidance. You are always worthy of your God’s love. Prioritize. Turn to Him. Experiment. Act. Focus. Commit. Try. Hold on.” ~Al Fox, You Are Enough


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