When We Get Lost, Others Get Found!

It’s late morning on a Thursday.  We’re driving from downtown Buffalo, New York, to a park in Tonawanda where a man we met last week was holding a vigil service for a dear relative.

We’re completely lost.  We have no idea where the park is.   We ‘re 20 minutes late for the vigil service already.  On top of that, we’re short on mile-age this month so we shouldn’t even be driving around.

For some people, getting lost in this situation might be very frustrating.

For me, getting lost means that Heavenly Father simply has someone else He needed us to run into today.

So, we continue searching.

It’s near a street called Elmwood, so we find the nearest Elmwood Avenue and come to a park!  Looking, looking….nope, it’s completely empty.  Hmmm.

We park on the side of the road and I’m thinking, we have to ask someone where this park is.  I look to the left and see a green shingled house with a steep wooden porch.  Let’s knock there and ask, I think.  So we get out of the car, knock on the door, and a woman answers whose name is Kellie.  She knew exactly where we needed to go!  After pointing us in the right direction, she squints at our name-tags and says, “Oh let’s see..the Church of Jesus Christ of…oh, yeah!  My mom used to be Mormon.”   It turns out she had grown up in the Church but hasn’t been since she was a little girl.  She gave us her number and said if we could come back in the morning next week she would like to listen to us.

Moral of the story:  when life takes you on its twists and turns, instead of getting frustrated, think: where is God trying to lead me?

It turns out the park was actually in Kenmore, along a different Elmwood street about 15 minutes away from where we were.  What are the odds that we happened to get lost around another Elmwood street where Kellie happened to be living and we happened to park directly across from her and she happened to be the one to answer the door and recognize us?

No odds.  No “just happened.”  God is in the details, and everything happens for a reason.  BELIEVE IT!

This whole experience may seem like such a simple thing.  There were no grand blinking signs, no mind-blowing miracles, no people running out of the house saying “Come over here, I’ve been searching for eternal truth!”  But there was a simple confirmation that God is leading us where He needs us to be.

So next time life doesn’t seem to be going your way, just remember that you are in His hands.  Trust in His plan, and keep moving forward!


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